Joanna & Damon

rustic tree engagement

  • Jeramy - Loving it!!!!! I don’t look at your stuff near enough. What an amazing tree. Very well done.

  • Rog - Last night was fun

  • Jakob - Oh, yes. That’s the stuff.

  • lydia {ever ours} - no words, tyler. well, except maybe, dayam.

  • David - What do you always shoot into the sun? Don’t you know your pictures won’t come out right?
    ^That’s a joke.
    ^^ That’s a really pretty image.

  • /mariahedengren - What a tree, what a light, what a shot!

  • Albert Palmer - God damn that’s beautiful

  • AdonyeJaja - Dang, that is super cool!

  • aaron - really nice man

  • Belle - The tree and light are ridiculously awesome!

  • Gavin Farrington - * GASP *
    This is amazing, Tyler.

  • Andy Barnhart - Nice shot! That is an amazing tree, great find.

  • Kyle - That’s so gorgeous Tyler!

  • Kellee Walsh - Amazing tree. Amazing light. Love it!

  • JESSIE CADENAS - Love it! I want to see more!

  • Alicia Adamopoulos - This photo is such a winning combo. Awesome!

  • thomas - Wow! This is stunning!

  • michelle - dude. and some random typing because your blog said my comment was too short 😐

  • Eric Kotara - Absolutely, positively, KILLER image!!!

  • Steve Koo - This is really lovely, Tyler!

  • scotty - dude. bro. son. homie.

  • maria + nick - so beautiful, tyler! xx

  • Brian Furbush - Really amazing shot dude, this rocks.

  • Tenielle - brilliance! and one word comments aren’t allowed, but my one word comment wasn’t due to laziness, just because brilliance summed it up.

  • Heather - That tree is unreal!

  • Dean Govier - Lovely frame dude. Gimme more.

  • gee - yes yes yes yes yes and yes hope that is long enough

  • derek - Epic! Well done Tyler.

  • Monica - i can’t get enough of your photos!!! 🙂

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