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  • Julia Kellett - Probably one of the absolute best engagement sessions I’ve ever seen. In my entire life. So good. So dang good.

  • Mike - Bravo! 10000000% awesome

  • Jesse Pafundi - I mean………………..

  • Jonathan - This touched me dude! Honestly. Incredible.

  • Anne-Claire Brun - Your use of light….so good! And you capture the candid and happy moments beautifully!

  • Mathew Sacco - This is epic dude. Keep up the killer work!

  • caroline - awwww i can tell they just have the best time together. how cute are they!

  • Adonye Jaja - such great emotion. Well done Tyler!

  • bryan - wut. I mean. that sunset….

  • kong wai - Beautiful and epic location

  • Kristian - The session that just got better and better – loved it man

  • Matthew Long - Amazing as always Tyler. These guys look totally comfortable being photographed by you and a sense of who they are as a couple really comes through.

  • Anton Chia - What a location! Love the shots!

  • Sarah - Holy crap talk about a gorgeous location! I love how giggly and smiley these two are, perfect perfect engagement session.

  • Mercedes - How cute are they? I love the whole set. Beautiful location, too of course!

  • Teresa K - Yummy yummy light…you really worked it well and she is too cute…love the little interactions between them

  • Heather Kanillopoolos - Gorgeous use of such amazing locations!!

  • Alicia - Bravo bravo bravo.

  • Voyteck - absolutely amazing set of photos

  • gee - love dusk frames

  • David Tynan - Wow amazing Desert Photography!

  • CĂ©lestine Aerden - These are so gorgeous!!

  • Gosia - Absolutely amazing set! Love it!

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