Well. I tried to put over two years of images here. Impossible to do, but I tried. Lots of laughter, tears, beauty, loss, joy, nerves, happiness. It’s all here. All the memories.

If going back over years of my work did anything, it reminded me of how valuable time is and how quickly it’s all going by. There’s so much beauty in this life, but oftentimes I don’t realize that till I look back and am reminded of it. Here’s to remembering the people and moments that matter the most.

Lauren & Dan got married at the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse. Endless beauty.

figueroa mountain farmhouse wedding2017-01-02_00012017-01-02_00022017-01-02_00032017-01-02_00042017-01-02_00052017-01-02_00062017-01-02_00072017-01-02_01072017-01-02_00112017-01-02_00082017-01-02_00092017-01-02_00132017-01-02_00142017-01-02_00152017-01-02_00162017-01-02_00172017-01-02_00182017-01-02_00192017-01-02_01082017-01-02_00232017-01-02_00252017-01-02_01092017-01-02_00272017-01-02_00282017-01-02_00292017-01-02_00302017-01-02_00312017-01-02_00322017-01-02_00332017-01-02_00342017-01-02_00352017-01-02_00362017-01-02_00372017-01-02_00382017-01-02_00392017-01-02_00402017-01-02_00412017-01-02_00422017-01-02_00432017-01-02_00442017-01-02_00452017-01-02_01102017-01-02_00462017-01-02_00482017-01-02_00502017-01-02_00512017-01-02_00522017-01-02_00532017-01-02_00542017-01-02_00552017-01-02_00562017-01-02_00572017-01-02_00582017-01-02_00592017-01-02_00602017-01-02_00612017-01-02_00622017-01-02_00632017-01-02_00642017-01-02_00652017-01-02_00662017-01-02_00682017-01-02_01112017-01-02_00712017-01-02_01152017-01-02_01162017-01-02_01172017-01-02_01182017-01-02_00722017-01-02_00742017-01-02_00762017-01-02_00772017-01-02_00782017-01-02_01122017-01-02_00812017-01-02_00852017-01-02_00862017-01-02_00872017-01-02_00882017-01-02_00892017-01-02_00902017-01-02_00912017-01-02_00922017-01-02_01132017-01-02_00952017-01-02_01142017-01-02_00962017-01-02_00992017-01-02_01002017-01-02_01012017-01-02_01022017-01-02_01032017-01-02_01042017-01-02_01052017-01-02_0106

  • Gobo - Good job! Lovely pics!

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  • Jane Iskra - This is awesome!
    Amazing post of the new year 🙂

  • Emily Adamson - Just wow! Such amazing images from what looks like an awesome day

  • Danelle Bohane - Tyler, this is magic.. you talent!

  • dylan - ridiculously good. also, her dress is out of control rad.

  • Eric Rene Penoy - beautiful piece of work. That s a stunning reportage

  • Dmitry - Love it!
    Well captured story, beautiful emotions!

  • Karizma Photography - You really are extremely talented. Your work, especially your ceremony stuff, is amazing. Continue the wonderful work.

  • Matt - Thanks for sharing

  • Surrey - Fabulous wedding and absolutely perfect pictures.

A couple months ago Josue & Bailey told me they were interested in hiring me and that they wanted me to do whatever I wanted for their engagement photos. I had always been conceptualizing an editorial engagement shoot that was among a secret garden. After a couple months of planning with our stylist Ben, we had a solid crew of people that came together to make this vision come to life.

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A huge thank you to Wolf Camp Studios for providing the best creative space I could’ve hoped for. Thanks to the Tao Twins who helped with lighting. And to Ben and Rachel who crushed the overall vision for this shoot like bosses.

  • Goboo - Nice pictures and gorgeous light!