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These pictures above are the two that mean the most to me. This is me with my dad before he passed away. I wish I could’ve had more time to get to know him, honestly. I often wonder how similar we’d be. My mom tells me he was an avid photographer. She says he took lots and lots of pictures, I guess I know where I got that from.

Ya know, I bet he never knew how much these would mean to me.

That I’d hold onto these.

That they’d matter so much.

It hit me in the middle of this shoot. This memory is as much for Mason and Ellie as it is for Kirby and Tom.

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  • Tonhya Kae - Love this. Such a wonderful gift you are giving to this beautiful family… 🙂

  • Luis Godinez - All I can say is that life is beautiful. Love the story and photos.

  • Daniel Chesnut - thank you for sharing this.

  • kirby - Thank you Tyler and Katie! Im crying . These pictures are so amazing and you are right Tyler- they really are as much for the kids as they are for us. xo

  • Rico - love the B/W seagull shots

  • Phil - Such a wonderful post. Just straight wonderful.

  • David - So much respect.

  • Andria Lindquist - wow, it’s a crazy thing to be able to stop and actually think what those images will/can mean later on, how we reflect on them when we need those people. can be an oversight some times, when we just look at the art of how well they are shot. your B&Ws are incredible. the first 2 are way good.

  • carly - My heart is now full.

  • Aaron Snow - Great perspective. Love this post. Beautiful photos/memories.

  • Keith Daigle - Wow, beautiful photos and a beautiful story. Love the one of the dad and his son running toward the seagulls, so perfect.

  • Kari Bellamy - What a beautiful shoot, and i love the story at the start.

  • Fe Lumsdaine - LOVE these! And it’s lovely to be reminded of how precious our photographs can become. I particularly love the last two. I can see them enlarged and taking pride of place on a wall.

  • Kelsie Taylor - oh my gosh …so much raw emotion here, these are ridiculously amazing! my favorites are the one of the little girl pointing at the oranges and the last few shots with the birds. 🙂

  • Albert Palmer - Those are beautiful Tyler. Love the ending photos chasing the birds. They will treasure these forever.

  • Sam - Really lovely post Tyler. Almost feels pointless to comment on the individual images as the point is in the power of having a reminder of those we lose. Having said that, I really love those last few frames.

  • geneoh - Great session, Tyler. Sometimes we get caught up in composition, light, locations and we forget that we are creating memories our couples/families will cherish forever. This is a great reminder.

  • Natalie - Such a beautiful post! These family photos are absolutely incredible – you can see how much LOVE and joy there is between everyone. Wow.

  • Sarah - What a beautiful record of their family, excellent job.

  • Jakob - Beautiful, Tyler.

  • J Shoda - The value of what you create is incredible. Can’t imagine how much these images will mean years down the road.

  • Uncle Rico - Love this post with all my heart.

  • Sara - WOW!!! I’m so in love with these! The photos of them chasing the birds are so timeless. They should get some giant canvases made!

  • michele bowman - these are lovely. i know that i cherish the photos that i have with my grandmother’s and especially my grandfather (who passed away when i was 5). these memories will be cherished forever.

  • nirav - Lovely work my friend.

  • Leah Muse - The last pictures by the birds.. geez, Tyler. Breathtaking.

  • Amari - Very touching story man. I bet he’s proud of the artist you have become.

  • Amber Ulmeros - First of all… Kirby & I grew up together… like… diapers & birthday parties & everything grew up together! Kirby… SUCH a PERFECT depiction of family you have right here. I miss you & love you!
    Tyler… sir… well done!!! You have captured this amazing family absolutely perfectly… NOW… come to Nashville & do the same for our family!!


  • Derek Martinez - Beautiful post Tyler, the 2nd to last image is stunning.

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