Alex & Odwa | Desert Engagement

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I love taking pictures. Love it. I also happen to love looking at great photography. Stuff that moves me and makes me look twice. But whether I’m looking at beautiful light, a couple in love, or incredible scenery, I’m not marveling at the picture, I’m marveling at God’s glory. This is the attraction to photography for me. This is really what gives me a greater appreciation for it all, when I know it’s all just a whisper of how awesome He is.

Katie and I have known Alex for a while now. She moved to Africa a year ago where she met Odwa. You can read more about their story here on Green Wedding Shoes

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  • Piotr - some great shots, but for me it’s too many of them
    numbers 17 and 46 are gorgeous

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  • Mrs. G - Amazing!!!! Seriously beautiful images.

  • Jakob - You, my friend, are a very talented man.

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  • Serena Severtson - I am completely in love with this session. The location, the light, the couple, their style, these frames… just amazing.

  • Kaley Cornett - Absolutely beautiful! It helps that one of my dream shoots would be in a desert. I would love photographs in this exact spot, so so so amazing! The lighting was gorgeous and this couple is such a joy.

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  • hugh, obv. - this is next level, man. i’m serious. so much image envy.

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    Thanks for sharing it!

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  • Brian Kraft - Word up! So, so, so cool! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Cari Coetzee - I could look at your photography all day long. Gods Glory is always beautiful and so evident in your work.

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    I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this.
    Fave set of engagement shots you’ve done. EVER.

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    These photos are good.

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    and your words only enhanced the images.
    just spectacular.
    really. 🙂

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    I love what you said at the end:) I feel the same way with photography, God’s glory is so apparent and amazing!
    beautiful work!!

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    This is so beautiful. One of the most amazing engagement session I’ve ever seen.

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    I Like very much! Verrrryyyy beautiful.


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  • sarah - most perfect photos i have seen, breathtaking! Im from Australia, and me and my egyptian fiance are taking photos while i visit him in egypt next month. definately have us chosing desert over water location now 🙂

  • Daniel Budau - Nice shooting. The location is very amazing.

  • Devin - I’ve been trying to find out the exact location of these dunes. Can you help me? Everyone says the coachella valley preserve but I can’t find where in the preserve they are.

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  • Cindy - look so great. Can I know what kind of dress is she wearing?
    Where can I get that?

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